The Perfect Home

Your home is the most comfortable place to be, and it is by itself your most priced possession. According to several traditional beliefs, each house has its own energy type. The specific energy of every house affects the prosperity, mood, behaviour, and the bonding of the people living in it . Thus it becomes very important to have homes that exude positive energy. Vastu Shastra or the science of architecture has suggested several remedies to ensure that a house remains blessed, without making any structural changes.

TIP 1: Opportunities can trace you easily if you place a nameplate outside the main door of your house.

TIP 2: Fire is believed to be a powerful cosmic cleanser. To keep your house clear of negativity  burn earthen lamps and incense sticks morning and evening.

TIP 3: As the South-East corner of the house is regarded as the ‘Agni’ corner; it’s hence advisable to have your kitchen in the South East corner of your house. If by any reason it’s not possible, as in the cases of South facing houses, place the gas stove in the South-East of your Kitchen.

TIP 3: For prosperity, place an aquarium in the South-East corner of your living room.

TIP 4: The direction East paves the way for enhanced concentration. Therefore, the study desk should be placed in such a way that you  face the east corner while studying.

TIP 5: Use soothing colours in your bedroom, for walls as well as soft furnishings. Keep a couple of happy pictures of you and your spouse around, they help in strengthening the relationship between the couple.

TIP 6: Do away with unattractive sounds in your house. Do not have doorbells that have an unpleasant ring, they tend to spoil the mood of the house.

For more such tips, stay tuned. 😊

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