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The Whhite Paper 

An Architectural Design Studio by Vastu Srajan

Architecture is the science and art of designing buildings and structures. Though a wider definition would include within its scope the design of any built environment, building,  structure or object, from town planning, urban design and landscape architecture to furniture and objects.

We have been in the market for many years now and catering wide variety of customers across the Globe and have been improving in our endeavors to have more and more satisfied customers.
Company’s objective is to tap the vast potential in the high end Residential Commercial and any other project.

We try to conceptualize and execute well thought out unique projects keeping in mind all the requirements of space, design, aesthetics, value for money and deliverables.

Architecture is defined at “The Whhite Paper” well. If you are looking for your dream place to be a reality,definitely our company is what you need to look out for.¬†


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